Be Ready 4EU
Do you think you're ready for the European Union?

Be Ready 4 EU is our permanent project which aim is to make young people aware of the meaning of being European citizens. "Be Ready 4 EU" intends generate not only a mere knowledge on EU facts but a true awareness and an active critical thinking. To achieve this objective we are strongly committed on 4 types of activities:

1. MONITORING: the European institutions activities
2. INFORMING: the Citizens on EU general affairs 
3. EDUCATING:  Young people as active citizens
4. NETWORKING: establishing contacts and dialogue with other entities having similar scopes.
5. ADVOCACY: supporting Young people to have their voice heard at EU level.

Currently our main topics are:

Youth Empowerment
Civic Participation
EU Governance
EU Affairs
Transparency and access to public documents

Special Focus on:

Students, Undergraduates and NEETs (not in education, employment or training): structured seminars, simulation, role playing and bar camp about EU functioning, youth policies and rights, employment and international job opportunities.

After a preliminary training, 10 young graduates per session - with different educational backgrounds and coming from different countries - we propose a period of volunteering to inform and making campaigns on EU citizenship in Brussels. The youngsters will be fully engaged in the EU decision making process, observing and communicating  how EU institutions work together trying to find a balance among several interests. They will attend high level conference and meetings within the EU bodies, on the following topics, selected according  to their educational and professional background: 

• Justice and Home affairs

• Foreign Affairs

• Youth Empowerment and youth rights
• International trade and internal markets
• Environment and energy policies

Our role as Young reporter and lobbyist will be
First: to join the debate at EU level and inform the citizens;
Second: to collect MEPs opinion and that one of other EU officeres on the future of EU and other issues related to Youth participation at european level.
The focus on the European Parliament is justified by  the fact it represents the citizens directly.
At the end of the project the participants will be active European citizens. Hundreds of citizens will be better informed.
The same participants will have the opportunity to have their own opinion and say on the european future.






Donate to our project "Be Ready 4 EU". We will grant 2 scholarships in november to support the travel expenses and the cost for a one-month volunteering for young european active citizens.   Every amount is welcome from 0,1 cent and more...THANKS!
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