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Europe HOpes is a young association born from the desire to live fully Europe!  Our goal is to provide a bridge between the European Union and its citizens. Through constant researches and the monitoring of the decision-making processes in Europe, we intend to spread a clear and timely information about EU policies and initiatives promoted by it. We want to participate in building a more cohesive and supportive community, ruled by common values, thus contributing to the promotion of an "active European citizenship." We believe that all citizens should fully exercise their own rights which derive from their belonging to a community that exceeds the national borders, a European and international community, reducing the distances between citizens and decision-makers.

Who is Who

Gabriella Arcifa, President e  Responsible for Communication on Erasmus+, E-mail:;

Emanuela Donato, Vice-President e Responsible for Communication & Fundraising, E-mail:

Sabrina Cocuzza, Secretary, E-mail:

Ana Maria Sarmento, Responsible for Communication within project Be Ready 4 EU E-mail:

Europe HOpes intends to promote the awareness of being citizens of the European Union as a community of rights and values. We intend to reach all the citizens with a particular focus on young people, contributing to disseminate information about the main debates at EU level and their meaning. 
Europe HOpes is also committed to improve the knowledge about the functioning of European Union democracy, showing how the democratic instruments included in the Treaty of Lisbon work with aim to involve the participation of the citizens. The association intends to be a facilitator for the dialogue with the neighbouring countries, in particular to the Mediterranean ones. 
Our values are mainly solidarity, democracy and equality. Our activities are based on a cooperative learning approach and oriented to the main objectives of the EU policies especially in the field of rights, justice, education, employment and social equality. 

Europe HOpes works through:

•  Communication Campaigns
Studies and Researches
Training Courses
Be Ready 4 EU Café
Study  and Cultural Visit to the EU institutions
Social Media
Bar Camp: not formal conference on EU  topics
Language meet-up and informal recreative meetings 

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EHO / Europe Hopes
The BridgeBetween EU and its Citizens

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