The EU Career: Your Job Adventure

Are your looking for a career within the EU Institutions?

This is the dream of many young citizens who are looking for an international experience  with the aim of increasing the well-being of the European citizens.

A multinational and multilingual environment are waiting for your application.

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is in charge to manage the public competitions.

If you are a student or a young graduate you can start with a traineership (for more info: https://epso.europa.eu/job-opportunities/students-and-graduates_en)

You can find here a quick guidebook to the open position: http://europa.eu/epso/doc/traineeshipsguide_en.pdf

Different profiles are available, on the base on the different background of the candidates. As job opportunities the EU looks for several and different career profiles, available here: https://epso.europa.eu/career-profiles_en

You can also find same sample tests related to the different position available in https://epso.europa.eu/how-to-apply/sample-tests_en .

Usually, the first round of tests consists computer-based multiple-choice tests.

The open position are available here: https://epso.europa.eu/apply/job-offers_en  and it is also possible have an overview of  ongoing and upcoming selection procedures: https://epso.europa.eu/apply/job-offers/ongoing_en - https://epso.europa.eu/job-opportunities/upcoming_en

Potential candidates may find different training support to be ready for the EPSO competition, e.g. the books and online training available in the Orseau website: http://www.orseu-concours.com

According our experience a solid preparation and a previous international job experience may be the key weapon to pass successfully the selection procedure.

For this reasons, our association encourages youngsters to concentrate their efforts and be ambitious to reach the job of their life with orientation and coaching service which are available for individual and student groups.

Sessions of career orientation and training on the EU institutions functioning in Brussels are available one or two times per year in the following period: may-june and october-november, according the request.

To ask for further information on our courses in Bruxelles, write to: info@europehopes.eu or beready4eu@gmail.com and book your training session.

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